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    One of four original 1978 trial plantings of Barbera in the Lodi appellation, this field has become one of our favorites to work with. It sits in deep sandy soil in the south section of Lodi that requires a deft hand to maintain good water balance yet yields consistently ripe balanced fruit year after year. 

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    The Fischer Vineyard is a beautiful place, after passing through a long stretch uphill of scrub oak and small pines you arrive to the top of the hill and the small valley opens up with the vineyard stretching out. The vines are even more beautiful. Head trained and immaculately manicured, the fruit ripens early and is very consistently balanced with acid,...

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    Our Sangiovese showcases some of my favorite hallmarks of the 2016 vintage, bold fruit yet somewhat restrained alcohol.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items