Jeremy Wine Company is a tight knit group of people passionate about being the leaders in wine hospitality and winemaking. We strive to create an inclusive and team oriented environment with opportunities for growth. If you’re passionate about wine and yearn to be a team player please apply for one of our positions below.

The Vineyard


The Jeremy Wine Co. Wine Club is simply the best way to try a broad spectrum of awesome wines. You get 3 or more bottles every three months of great handcrafted wines made by Jeremy just for you. These wines are not just your run of the mill varietals. Jeremy gets out and scours the vineyards looking for eclectic and interesting wine grapes that have stories to tell.

We want to make sure that you have an experience when you finally open your bottle of Jeremy Wine. To that end, we don’t repeat any of the wines throughout the year, and many of them are made in such limited quantities that each member only gets a single bottle and some are only exclusive to you!

Truly our club members are the life blood of our company. When you join, you’re saying that you trust us to seek out interesting vineyards, support small growers and make a great, interesting & hand-crafted bottle of wine. We thank you!

Experience our Wines

Flights on our cozy patio await. Enjoy a snack with your choice of wine flights. Our wine flights cover a broad range of styles from very small “micro-lots” to exclusive vineyards. All are carefully crafted and sure to please.

Plan your Visit!


The Jeremy Wine Co club is uniquely fun. We share premium small lots of an interesting mix of varietals including Italian, Spanish, French and of course Old Vine Zinfandels. Being in our club gets you access to exclusive micro lots and of course great savings on your favorite wines

Wineclub Rocks!

The cellar is where the creative work happens. Jeremy works closely with Assistant Winemaker Marie Taylor to determine each grape varietal’s optimal path from grape to wine. Harvest dates are determined through careful consideration of sugar and acid but taste as well. The type of oak is deliberately chosen for balance, and time in barrel is considered on a quarterly schedule until the day of bottling.

The varietals we choose are directly linked to Jeremy’s curiosity. A typical harvest includes 20+ distinct and unique grapes. Choral & Jeremy both love the wines of Italy, and Jeremy Wine Company has developed a passionate following for their classic Barbera and Sangiovese.

We’re not limited to only Italian varietals however, our own 20 acre vineyard produces enough Zinfandel to keep all the Lodi fans happy! Jeremy also has a notable talent for developing blends that are smooth, balanced, and absolute crowd pleasers. While the cellar is not open for visitors, visit the tasting room to taste a sample and realize for yourself the delicious wine all this hard work produces!


The work just begins when the grapes finally arrive at the winery. Through gentle processing at the winery we become the caretakers the fruit. Gently removing their stems and moving into their appropriate temporary homes to initiate fermentation. Post fermentation it becomes a waiting game, watching over the sleeping wines as they age in barrel tasting as we go looking for that formative moment when the wines are showing their peak potential . We choose these moments for bottling this bottle you hold in your hand or glass. An expression of a past time, a year of your life.