Jeremiah’s Jug
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Jeremiah's Jug

Tasting room only

Jeremiah’s Jug is our tasting room only, refillable wine growler. This beautiful 1 liter bottle is our favorite anytime with friends or Tuesday night at home casual sipping wine choice. You may be tempted to think that the wines may not be up to the same standards as it’s bottled cousins. This is not the case, each release comes from the same barrel aged, soft and complex wines that we choose to bottle. It just ends up in a keg saving the costs of bottles, corks and labels

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On tap and ready to refill

Luscious red blends that change regularly. We strive to rotate out each wine about every 3-4 weeks so that there is always something new and exciting to try on tap. You'll be suprised by just how good the wines on tap can be.
Watch your inbox, we’ve been known to sneak in deal days on refills too.

Screw Corkscrews™

So casual and uncomplicated, you’re going to love sharing a Jug with your friends and family. With a liter in every refill (about 33% more than a standard wine bottle), you don’t have to feel guilty about pouring them a 2nd glass. Screw corkscrews and welcome to Jeremiah’s Jug!

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On Tap Now:

43% Nero D Avola, 29% Barbera, 14%, Sangiovese, 14% Zinfandel

Rich aromas of black cherry, dark cocoa, and vanilla are complemented by hints of clove and black pepper. Intense and juicy flavors of blackberries, plum, ripe fig, and baking spice are balanced with smooth tannins, leading to a long lingering finish.

Only in our tasting room

They look really cool and taste even better, but don’t ship well. We’ve tried. These non-standard wine bottles just don’t have the cool safety shippers that regular wine bottles do. You have to come to the tasting room for this one.