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The Jeremy Wine Co. Wine Club is simply the best way to try a broad spectrum of awesome wines. You get 4 or more bottles every three months of great handcrafted wines made by Jeremy just for you. These wines are not just your run of the mill varietals. Jeremy gets out and scours the vineyards looking for eclectic and interesting wine grapes that have stories to tell.

We want to make sure that you have an experience when you finally open your bottle of Jeremy Wine. To that end, we don’t repeat any of the wines throughout the year, and many of them are made in such limited quantities that each member only gets a single bottle and some are only exclusive to you!

Truly our club members are the life blood of our company. When you join, you’re saying that you trust us to seek out interesting vineyards, support small growers and make a great, interesting & hand-crafted bottle of wine. We thank you!